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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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Apparently, she doesn't know that she can shut some of that stuff off. In the privacy settings, you can choose just about anything. Someone may be able to post a picture of you, but they cannot link it to you. You can choose to receive status updates and you can choose who reads them.
I personally like it right now, because with being unemployed in the winter, it's helping some of my isolation depression.
I also like hearing what my siblings are doing on a regular basis. I check your blog daily and wait and wait and wait. But if you were on Facebook, you could let me know in 30 seconds or less without requiring you to draft a masterpiece.
Love you.

Joe, Jane. JIa and WIlla

Hey! Thanks! And good to know info from the other commenter about shutting that stuff off. (Although I do have to say that the little quips and updates seem to be the entire point of Facebook because folks don't seem to want to make deeper connections, like you said. They would just use regular e-mail or a real phone then!) I think it's fun for a lot of folks though, just not me!

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